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About Meraki K9

Alexa White

Owner/Head Trainer

Alexa is the owner and head trainer of Meraki K9 LLC. She has been involved with dogs in professional settings for close to 15 years, however she has loved dogs her entire life. Alexa obtained her certifications for pet and working dog training through Top Tier K9 Dog Training Academy. Alexa groomed professionally for over 10 years and was also an AKC Registered Apprentice showing dogs professionally in conformation. Alexa also trains and competes regularly with her own dogs in dock diving, barn hunt, rally, obedience, scent work, protection, disc, PSA, etc. In addition, she has also trained many service dogs including Diabetic Alert Dogs. Psychiatric Service Dogs, and Mobility Dogs. Alexa’s dogs have also been featured in movies and television (most recently America’s Top Dog Season 2 episode 2!) #teamFrank !

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Our Mission

Here at Meraki K9 our mission is to make sure communication is clear between you and your dog. We train the dog behaviors and teach you to manage these behaviors. This allows you both to live happier lives together. Training is so important for your relationship with your dog! Your dog has to know what you expect of them. When dogs understand the rules and expectations, most are more than happy to comply and follow. By training your dog you are decreasing the chances of a behavior issue arising that could land them in a shelter! Believe it or not, most dogs are placed in shelters for behaviors issues that could have been helped with training! Here at Meraki K9 we love to see dogs and humans being able to communicate efficiently and effectively!

Our Dogs


Big River I'm The Liver CGC RATO
Patterdale Terrier

IMG_0449 2.jpg

Not Today du Dantero RATI, RATN RN DM CGC PDC
Belgian Malinois

Arya and Frank are my current demo and competition dogs! You may see them around the facility and out at events! Frank and Arya both compete in dock diving, disc, barn hunt, conformation, AKC rally, AKC obedience, scentwork, and PSA (Protection Sports Association)!

IMG_3339 2.jpg
Mossy (Bloodhound) & Custom (Poodle)

Arya, Frank and I joined Custom and Mossy's family when we met their dad, Kyle! These girls are pretty chill and always keep us entertained!

IMG_2816 2.jpg

Honadore's High Output

IMG_2709 2.jpg
Chili Pepper

MK9 Why Is It Spicy?

Soot came to us from Honadore Labradors in Romeo, MI! We have big plans for this boy and can't wait to watch him grow up!

Chili Pepper came to us as an owner surrender. She shows great promise for sport potential and we can't wait to see what she does in the future!

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