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A Word From Our Clients!

Alexa has been amazing. She has made an incredible difference in our little guys behavior but also in how we handle him going forward. I truly believe she gave him a new lease on life for offering ways to bring calm and peace to his behavior and teaching us how to read his needs and adjust. I second the review that she tailors the training to the specific needs and circumstances of your dog. You will be inspired, prepared, and capable to manage your dog the way your dog needs you to manage him/her. -Adrienne L. "Achi and Perl"

parker graduate.jpg

Alexa is awesome! When our English Mastiff hit 100lbs at nearly 7 months old, we wondered who was really walking who...2 weeks of on leash boarded training fixed that behavior ! Now even my 10 year old daughter can safely walk and give him commands effectively! Alexa is so patient with my giant dog and tailors her training to the temperament of the dog. She is loving, while still demanding respect from him. She never yells or uses a mean/ angry tone while training. Her training methodology is to simply state what she wants from him, correct him if he doesn’t and guide him to do what she wants him to do ... ending with a reward. Her goal is to ensure the dog knows their place in your pack which reduces the stress on the entire family! Alexa has given our family the tools to confidently address any new ‘bad’ behaviors he throws our way as he approaches his 1 year birthday. We are so thankful we found you Alexa to help us guide and mold Parker’s manners while he was still a puppy. You are a huge part of the awesome dog he is growing into! Tina S. "Parker"

Alexa is a great handler! She is amazing with the dogs and so kind and patient! Scheduling is quick and she has fast response times. If you have any questions, she has the answer or can get one for you in a timely manner. I highly recommend Merkari K9 and Alexa for all your training needs. You will not be disappointed! Heather D. "Barrett"


We recommend Meraki K9 without reservation! Alexa and her team are the most skilled and caring dog trainers we've ever met. Our Golden Retriever was trained as a diabetic service dog and we couldn't imagine our lives without her! Alexa loves her work – it is truly a vocation for her and that is evident in the results. Thank you Meraki K9 for training our wonderful dog! Heather L. "Sugar"

We 100% recommend Merkari K9 for dog training. Alexa customizes her approach for each dog and family. She had great ideas for us and explained things in a useable way so we could keep up with the training.

Jessica G. "Cinder"


100% recommend Alexa. Charcoal and I really enjoy working with Alexa. Her training session helps both of us a lot.


I can’t thank Alexa enough. My puppy Leo has learned so every turn and question Alexa was there to help guide me. She answered every question and was always available for this first time puppy mom. Leo is doing great. He now knows useful commands and walks amazing on a leash. He’s only 8 months old but has more manners then a lot of adult dogs we meet. While he’s still a puppy, I’m so grateful to Alex for helping us get off on the right foot and being about to come back to her as needed. Highly highly recommend. Cody K. "Leo"



Thank you so much for all of the outstanding training and care you provided to Whiskey. You did an amazing job with him and shaped him to be an excellent companion. We are so grateful to you and just wanted to say thanks!

Whisky's Mom and Dad 

Alexa and staff has exceeded our expectations with her board and train program. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and overall very accommodating to ensure you get adequate training for your dog and yourself. She will provide very detailed explanations on questions you have about your dog. Alexa also has alot of content on her training approaches as part of her program that we can refer back to at anytime. During her first session with us and Piper, Piper was very engaged with Alexa which lets me know she is challenging my dog in an appropriate manner. Would recommend Meraki K9 to anyone seeking obedience training!

Piper's Dad

Piper bunny.jpg
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