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Puppy Imprinting

Is your puppy under 5 months old? This may be the perfect program for you! We are offering a 3 private lesson package (either all virtual or 2 virtual and 1 in-person lesson)! This package is designed to help you and your puppy get off on the right foot of your training journey! In this lesson package we will cover subjects such as learning theory, house breaking 101, charging continuation and terminal markers, creating a great training culture, proper socialization, correct use and training of the crate, puppy management, existential feeding, and starting a few simple behaviors with positive reinforcement. 

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This program relies on you to do your homework each week! Plan on setting some time aside dedicated to your new furry family member! 2-3 sessions a day is recommended with duration between 2-15 minutes.

We'll teach you how dogs think and learn and how to create an unimaginable bond between you and your puppy! This is meant to be the first stop on your training journey with us! 


Check out Sammi, one of our happy puppy graduates!

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