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Canine Nutrition

A huge part of overall canine wellness (body and mind) includes training along proper nutrition! At Meraki K9 we proudly feed Volhard Dog Nutrition products to all of our dogs! We believe in these products so much that we are now an Official Volhard Dog Nutrition Qualified Affiliate

Voldhard Dog Nutrition uses only the best quality ingredients (human grade, no synthetic vitamins, no fillers, and no chemical preservatives!) for your furry friends. Voldhard products are clinically tested (annual blood, thyroid, urine and fecal testing!)  We currently feed the Volhard NDF2 (Natural Diet Foundation 2) and use Endurance, Vitamin B Complex, and Digestive Enzymes! 

Our training clients will receive a complimentary canine nutrition consultation with any board and train program, but we offer nutrition consultations to those who are not current clients as well! 

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Click the Qualified Affiliate Badge to check out Voldhard Dog Nutrition for yourself!

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