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Pet Training

We offer on and off leash Board & Train Programs, on and off leash Day Training Programs, Behavior Modifications, Sport Dog Programs, Service Dog Programs, Puppy Imprinting Private Lessons, and Virtual and Hybrid Private Lesson Packages. 

We do accept dogs with behavioral issues for training. Programs for dogs experiencing any type of behavioral issues (reactivity/aggression) to humans or dogs, confidence issues, etc. We will build the perfect program for you and your dog!

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We are proudly affiliated with Work Your Pack and utilize their media learning for our clients! While your pup is doing their homework, it is important that you do yours too!

Training Philosophy

We know that no two dogs are the same, just like people! Our programs are tailored to each owner and their pup. We believe in the Nepopo® training system which is defined as, "A training system in which the dog performs, on cue, always, with heart and soul." It is important to us that dogs listen, but that they enjoy what they are doing! This system draws from all four quadrants of operant conditioning and also uses classical conditioning to create an amazing training culture between you and your dog! 


Check out some of our training pups rocking their sit, down, and climb commands!

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