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Pet Training

We offer on and off leash Board & Train Programs, on and off leash Day Training Programs, Behavior Modifications, Sport Dog Programs, Service Dog Programs, and Puppy Imprinting Group Classes. 

We also offer private sessions, group refresher classes, and dog sport/working dog lessons for clients that have already been through a program with us! 


We do accept dogs with behavioral issues for training. Programs for dogs experiencing any type of behavioral issues (reactivity/aggression) to humans or dogs, confidence issues, etc. Generally, these dogs require much longer programs, but a trainer will be happy to discuss potential options with you!

Training Philosophy

We know that no two dogs are the same, just like people! This is why don't specifically adhere to just one method of training. While generally staying in the realm of balanced training, we know that each dog may require a slightly different balance! Our programs are tailored to each dog and their human! 


Check out some of our training pups rocking their sit, down, and climb commands!

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