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An Update from Meraki K9!


It's been a while since I've posted any updates! The end of last year was a little bit of a blur! We had so many things going on...including getting married! I got to marry the love of my life, Kyle, on October 15, 2022! Life got super busy and social media posting got pushed to the side. Since then, Meraki K9 has been busy training pups!

Getting this picture taken was one of my favorite moments from the wedding! Imagine that... bite work at our wedding, haha! Photo credit to my great friend, Chris Williams! Many of you know him from the Work Your Pack training videos you receive with your training programs from Meraki K9!

Besides getting married, we have been doing a little bit of traveling, with more traveling planned in this new year! In December, we took a two week vacation with 7...yes you read that correctly...7 dogs (including one of our past graduates, Doug the Golden Retriever)! Frank, Arya, Soot, Chili, Rip, Scooter, and Doug all accompanied us on vacation.

Oh yes, you may be wondering "Who is Scooter?" Scooter is my recent foster fail dog. He is a 9 month old, yellow, Labrador Retriever. Scooter came to me in November after being listed for euthanasia at just 5 months old due to a bite. A lot of stars aligned and I was provided the opportunity to try and give his guy a second chance. When I got Scooter he was in full fight or fight mode. I had to walk him on a catch pole for 4 days and he required easily a week and a half of decompression! He has made amazing strides and is getting ready to try some dock diving and disc this summer!

There are some plans to continue traveling this year guessed related things! I am super excited to be attending Silver School in mid March to learn from Michael and Bart Bellon in their training system of NePoPo®! I am looking forward to learning and seeing old friends and making new ones! Kyle and I will also be traveling to Montana in June for a PSA (protection sports association) trial hosted by RYP PSA (Chris' PSA club!). Arya and Frank will be attempting the 1's! In August, Kyle and I will both be traveling for our yearly family vacation and then once training (and maybe some SXS riding!) in Montana for the Run Your Pack Gold School! This is the second part of the NePoPo® training certification! I am so excited to collaborate with some of my favorite people and learn so many things to bring back for Meraki K9!

I wanted to go ahead and also do a batch of photos for all the dogs that have come in for training recently! I am so blessed to have worked with each and every one of these pups and their families! Please give your pup a kiss and cookie for me! -Alexa


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