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Meraki K9 on America's Top Dog Season 2 Episode 2!

Did you see Meraki K9 on A&E's TV show America's Top Dog (ATD) Season 2 Episode 2?! If not, click below ⬇️ to check us out!

This was such a great experience and it is truly unforgettable! Frank may not have been the "Top Dog" that night, but he is a "Top Dog" in my heart forever!

Frank was a great representation of Meraki K9 Training! All training tools and methods used to train him are the same tools and methods I use for training client dogs! I don't know about you, but he looked pretty happy and enthusiastic about running that course and showing off his training skills!

This may have been the best night of Frank's life so far! He and I both truly had so much fun running this course! We feel so proud to have been selected amongst the best trainers and dog owners across the USA! This is truly an experience we will never forget!

Should we apply for America's Top Dog Season 4?! 🤔

Hop over to our About Us page to learn more about Alexa, Frank, and Meraki K9! Thanks to Run Your Pack for this sweet footage of Frank! #patterdalesarecool 😎

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