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Meraki K9 Go To’s!

”What do you feed your dogs?” “What supplemennts do you use for your dogs?” “What kind of treats do you use?” “What toys and bones do you recommend?”

These are all very common questions I get from clients, friends, family, or anyone who has a dog! I figured it would be worthwhile to have a list of things I use and recommend for my personal pups and training pups!



Over the years I have fed multiple different brands of food and, truthfully, I find myself switching every so often. Currently, my dogs are eating Inukshuk 30/25 and some of higher energy dogs also eat Inukshuk 32/32! I also generally rehydrate their kibble with a mixture of warm water, pumpkin purée, and a small bit of coconut oil. Additionally, I add some type of raw ground meat (chicken, beef, turkey, lamb etc.). If I don’t add the raw I will add some canned food or Honest Kitchen. I have also had great success with SportDog Food!

*Using your dogs daily kibble as training rewards is also a great idea! Click here to listen to Pat Stuart’s thoughts on existential feeding!



Frank and Arya say they recommend PSA (Protection Sports Association) decoys to chew on…that may not be up your pooch’s alley (but if it is, let us know!!!) so here are some of our other toy, tug and chew recommendations!

Check out our Amazon lists for some great toys and chews!

Meraki K9 Go To Chews

Meraki K9 Go To Toys



Recently I have been giving my dogs Volhard Dog Nutrition's Endurance Formula. This has been a great addition to our feeding regimen! I have noticed my dogs have healthier looking coats, their teeth are cleaner, their poops are smaller, and everybody has clear eyes and ears even though this is allergy season! They all seem to love the taste as well!

If you have any questions on any of the products mentioned here, please feel free to email me at or give me a call at 248-330-6535 !

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